And here we go again…

I’ve gained ALOT of weight the last months, because of a bad attitude from my side. I need to focus now. I need to lose that weight again, and more! I need to lose 36 kgs, and hopefully more, but thats my goal for now. Actually, my first goal i 6 kgs, and then I’ll go from there 😉

Help me?! Motivate me?!

I miss summer!! ❤ I’m really looking forward to this summer, I just hope I can lose some weight before that^^ Besides, I ove away this summer…I’m moving to another city… Wow can’t wait!!! 🙂

Have a great morning, day, evening, night! xxx

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. PokeMyFat
    Apr 02, 2011 @ 13:08:24

    Jeg vet du kan greie det 🙂


  2. Jess
    Aug 13, 2014 @ 16:12:51

    149 pounds want to be 115 but my goal so far is to lose 9 pounds, need tips? Someone help please?!


  3. Jess
    Aug 13, 2014 @ 16:14:40

    Need to lose 9 pounds, fast!! Please help me?!


  4. ana
    Jan 27, 2016 @ 22:31:46

    email me if you need a ana buddy! i really need motivation.


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