And here we go again…

I’ve gained ALOT of weight the last months, because of a bad attitude from my side. I need to focus now. I need to lose that weight again, and more! I need to lose 36 kgs, and hopefully more, but thats my goal for now. Actually, my first goal i 6 kgs, and then I’ll go from there 😉

Help me?! Motivate me?!

I miss summer!! ❤ I’m really looking forward to this summer, I just hope I can lose some weight before that^^ Besides, I ove away this summer…I’m moving to another city… Wow can’t wait!!! 🙂

Have a great morning, day, evening, night! xxx

And I’m back again!!

I’ve had some busy days….but I’m back for now…’s hard to deal with the real life when I live in dreams. I’ve lived with a friend for a while, and it’s hard…she’s like . . . . PERFECT! Thin! I love her body, and I hate looking in the mirror! Mia make me gain weight, and I hate her!! She makes me eat all the time….but when it comes to purging, I’m scared! I’ve had som many problems because of the purging. Alot of pain!! AND I haven’t been alone for one second, so it’s hard to hide both Ana and Mia from her…. I home atm, finally! When it comes to Ana-friends; yes please! I need somebody to talk to. I can’t take this all by my self. I’m so tired, I just wanna sleep and never wake up ever again!! This thing is killing me! But it’s easier this way then recovery! I can’t recover all by myself, and I don’t get any with that, so I give up and join the “dark side” of it! Take it or leave it! My choice 😉

It hurts everytime I see a thin, perfect girl. I’m dreaming of them, and my future. I wonder how it feels to be as thin as them! It must be wonderfull!!

Who wouldn't want a body like this??

 Ciao xxx

Day 1 of counting^^

Okay, today have been a stressfull day, really!! Lots to do, and I’m really tired right now.. 😮 Well, I’ve been counting kcals today. Feels good, and awfull at the same time… Cause at the end of the day, yhe number of kcals are really high :/ Hate it! I really have to do something about it. Really!!!

  • Yoghurt – 59 kcal
  • Nuddles – 270 kcal
  • A piece of choclate + a cookie – 195 kcal
  • Pasta and meat – 327 kcal

Total today is 851 kcal 😦 But hey, it’s not that bad though! I’ve just got started AND I haven’t purged today AT ALL!! 😉

Today’s thinspo: 

New blog – new start!

This new blog is my new start! I’ve failed over and over again, and I’m far from my goal! But I wont give up that easy…no way! Tomorrow is a new start. I’ll start easy, cause I’m a bulimic, and it’s been a long time since my last fast. So, well, I’ll start with caounting calories tomorrow, and ofcourse make the number of cals as low as possible!

Wish me luck! xxx

Welcome to my world!

This is my blog, my world of MiAna. I’d like to share my world other MiAna-friends, so please feel welcome. Though, if you’re NOT pro-ana/mia, or if you’re just a wannarexic, please quit this page. You have no buissness here!

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