New blog – new start!

This new blog is my new start! I’ve failed over and over again, and I’m far from my goal! But I wont give up that easy…no way! Tomorrow is a new start. I’ll start easy, cause I’m a bulimic, and it’s been a long time since my last fast. So, well, I’ll start with caounting calories tomorrow, and ofcourse make the number of cals as low as possible!

Wish me luck! xxx

Welcome to my world!

This is my blog, my world of MiAna. I’d like to share my world other MiAna-friends, so please feel welcome. Though, if you’re NOT pro-ana/mia, or if you’re just a wannarexic, please quit this page. You have no buissness here!

If you have a weightloss blog, submit here ! Let other people find you :