Day 1 of counting^^

Okay, today have been a stressfull day, really!! Lots to do, and I’m really tired right now.. 😮 Well, I’ve been counting kcals today. Feels good, and awfull at the same time… Cause at the end of the day, yhe number of kcals are really high :/ Hate it! I really have to do something about it. Really!!!

  • Yoghurt – 59 kcal
  • Nuddles – 270 kcal
  • A piece of choclate + a cookie – 195 kcal
  • Pasta and meat – 327 kcal

Total today is 851 kcal 😦 But hey, it’s not that bad though! I’ve just got started AND I haven’t purged today AT ALL!! 😉

Today’s thinspo: