And I’m back again!!

I’ve had some busy days….but I’m back for now…’s hard to deal with the real life when I live in dreams. I’ve lived with a friend for a while, and it’s hard…she’s like . . . . PERFECT! Thin! I love her body, and I hate looking in the mirror! Mia make me gain weight, and I hate her!! She makes me eat all the time….but when it comes to purging, I’m scared! I’ve had som many problems because of the purging. Alot of pain!! AND I haven’t been alone for one second, so it’s hard to hide both Ana and Mia from her…. I home atm, finally! When it comes to Ana-friends; yes please! I need somebody to talk to. I can’t take this all by my self. I’m so tired, I just wanna sleep and never wake up ever again!! This thing is killing me! But it’s easier this way then recovery! I can’t recover all by myself, and I don’t get any with that, so I give up and join the “dark side” of it! Take it or leave it! My choice 😉

It hurts everytime I see a thin, perfect girl. I’m dreaming of them, and my future. I wonder how it feels to be as thin as them! It must be wonderfull!!

Who wouldn't want a body like this??

 Ciao xxx